High School Student Council Application

Do you want to be a representative for your grade, be a liaison between the students and staff of D.S.A., help make a difference at the place you spend five days a week at? You should apply for student council! To apply for Denver School of the Arts high school student council you must be able to attend student council meetings Tuesdays at lunch, have at least a 3.0 unweighted GPA, and want to make a difference at D.S.A.

How to Apply:
Write three haikus, the first about who you are, the second is what qualifies you to be on student council, the third is an example of a goal you have for student council or for DSA. These haikus will be printed onto the voting ballots given to your classmates during elections.

A haiku is a three lined poem. The first line contains five syllables, the second has seven, and the third has five. Example:
My name is sara
I am the secretary
on student council

Please email your application to Dsastudentcouncil@gmail.com and include your name, grade, and student council application in the subject line.
If you have any questions send us an email or ask any current student council member.

We look forward to working with you 🙂

Amanda Brockbank- President
Calla Winchell- Vice President
Sara Mischa Kregstein- Secretary
Sam Van Wetter- Treasurer