Election of 2012-2014 CSC Parent Representatives

ATTN: DSA Parents/Guardians

The polls are now open for 2012-2014 parent representatives to the DSA Collaborative School Committee (CSC). We invite you to meet the candidates and vote electronically by visiting the CSC web site (http://dsapresents.org/csc). If you would prefer a paper ballot, please visit the DSA Main Office. Please note that each parent/guardian of an actively-enrolled DSA student is eligible to vote in this election; each voter is eligible to cast a vote in both of the parent representative categories. All ballots must be received by 3:00pm on Friday, May 4, 2012.

We hope that you choose to participate in this important decision. Remember: A vote in the CSC election is a vote for DSA!

Thanks for your interest and participation,
The 2011-2012 DSA CSC Parent Representatives

Mike Johnson (HS Rep)
David Posner (HS Rep)
Sue Borgos (MS Rep)
Chip Galaty (MS Rep)