Junior ACT Prep

Juniors and Junior Parents

Attached below are the directions and screen shots of the January ACT test prep we want all juniors complete. Our goal is to put as much ACT test prep in front of our juniors as we can before the April ACT exam.

January’s exercise is an online exercise. Follow the directions listed on the direction sheets. We have also included 6 screen shots to help students navigate to the correct site.

Students will log in through College in Colorado and take 4 of the 6 practice tests. The last screen shot (#6) is an example of what hard copy item we would like for each junior to hand into Miss Odom. The example score sheet has one test completed. The final copy the juniors will turn in will have all four areas completed. If juniors WANT to do all six tests, that’s great. We are just asking for four out of six. The four areas in which the students feels he/she is most worried about doing well on the exam.

Please write the student’s name on top and place the final score sheet in Miss Odom’s box by February 1st.

We wish you the best in your ACT test prep. We look forward to receiving your test results.

The DSA Administration

January ACT prep directions