Buy your student roses to be delivered in class on Valentines Day!

To order roses to be delivered to your student on Valentines Day please fill out the following information and send it in an email to .

In the subject line please write “Flower Order”
Write your student’s name, and grade. We will look up their schedule for you.
Under the heading “Message” write the message you would like us to write.
Write who you would like it to say it is from (can be your name, a nick name or even anonymous)

Include what flowers you would like to send and how many. They will be delivered on Valentines Day in the morning. Sixth graders will receive their flowers after returning from their field trip.

You may mail money or a check made out to DSA to the school with the appropriate funds, or you can place it in an envelope labeled “Research Fundraiser” and drop it off in the office, or even have your student drop it off. This way students will be unaware you are buying them flowers. : ) Please include your name with the funds brought in.

Single Red Rose $2.50
Assorted Colored Rose $2.00 (a variety of colors that we get on Valentines- can’t pre choose colors)
A Bouquet $5.00 Includes a Single Red Rose, with Baby’s Breath, and wrapped in cellophane, and tied with a ribbon.

Thank you for supporting DSA Prom!!