Junior Feb/March ACT Prep

Juniors and Junior Parents

Attached is the information for our last ACT prep exercise for our juniors. All juniors were given a hard copy of an ACT practice test on Friday, February 15th. We are asking all juniors to take the test in an ACT-like environment and in real time. Therefore – no music, TV, food, drink, etc. We are also asking our juniors to time themselves and use the time the test requires – no longer/no shorter.

Parents – you can help your junior by providing the space and time to take this test. We have suggested a library close to your home and/or a quiet place in your house.

There are two answer keys: for student and for Miss Odom. When testing is complete, fill out your answers in the “Miss Odom” answer key and hand it to her by Friday, March 22. This will be our way of keeping track of your participation in our ACT test prep. On March 22, we will post the answer key online. You can then score your test and find out what you would have scored had this been the actual ACT.

We appreciate your participation in this ACT test prep.

The DSA Administration

Directions and copy of ACT practice test

Answers to ACT test