DSA – Modified Lockdown – March 13

This is a message from the Denver School of the Arts:

It is a priority for to us to let you know about safety incidents that affect our school. There has been police activity in the area of our campus today. It began about 11:30 a.m.(?), and there was a strong police presence, including SWAT vehicles, in our parking lot.

This was the result of a police situation happening about four blocks from our school, where police are attempting to apprehend a suspect. Everybody inside our school is fine, and there is no immediate threat in any way to our campus.

There are no longer any police vehicles in our parking lot, but the police activity in the area is continuing. As a result, we are placing the school in a modified lockdown at this time as a precaution. This means that regular activities are taking place in the school, but no one is allowed to enter or leave the building.

Again, all students and staff are fine, and there is no immediate threat to our campus. This action is being taken at the direction of the Denver Police Department as a precaution.

We will, of course, keep you updated on the situation.

Please call the main office if you have any questions.