DPS offers high school students Microsoft Office

Student Office Downloads – Windows

As part of Denver Public Schools’ licensing agreement with Microsoft, we are now able to distribute Microsoft Office to DPS secondary students in grades 9-12.

Any fully-enrolled, active DPS student in grades 9-12 is allowed to install Microsoft Office on one personal computer.

We are distributing this software through a secure website that requires a student login: https://studentoffice.dpsk12.org. Instructions for this download are attached. Students will have three attempts to successfully download the software. Students will need to utilize Internet Explorer or Firefox to complete the download. Safari is not a supported option.

We are distributing Office 2013 for Windows users and Office 2011 for Mac users.

We are allowing each high school to notify its students in its own way. As you notify students, you may distribute the attached documentation, as it is intended for students. The documentation is also posted on the student download website.

Beyond the attached documentation, DoTS is only supporting the functionality of the download website. Please notify the DoTS Hotline (dots_hotline@dpsk12.org) of any malfunctions of the website. DoTS is not providing any support to students in the download, installation or use of Office. Links to Microsoft’s online Office documents are included on the website. School STRs are under no obligation to provide support beyond their Principal’s expectations.

Licensing Concerns
As you speak with students about the licensing restrictions, you can advise them that they are authorized to have one copy only. We have received approval from Microsoft to use this method to distribute Office.