Choice of Studies due this Friday, February 12

Current 8th – 11th grade parents

This is a reminder that your student’s 16/17 Choice of Studies is due this Friday at noon: February 12.

1) Students and parents have from Jan 22 – Feb 12 at noon to select choices online.
2) If you do not have access to a computer at home, you are welcome to use a computer in the Counseling Center and/or sit with your student’s counselor
3) Students who do not make their class choices during this 3 week window will lose the chance to do so. Counselors will plug these students into classes which have room. Students lose the chance to have control over what they want to take.
4) All of the course selections, the course description guide and the “January Directions” can all be found online at

Scroll to the very bottom where it says “January”
5) If you have questions, email your counselor. They will be happy to answer any questions for you or your student
6) Your students should come home today with paper copies of the “January Directions” and their choice sheet. Please ask to see it.

I ask that you select carefully. I build the master schedule based on the results from these choices. In May, if students want to change classes, it can easily disrupt the balance of the master schedule. Select wisely.

9th and 10th graders may have one period off
11th and 12th graders may have two periods off (assuming they are track to graduation)

Students are not allowed to add classes in the fall. Students may drop a class, but may not add another one in it’s place.

Last names A – F
Last name G – L
Last names M – Z

Thank you,
Miranda Odom
Assistant Principal
Master Scheduler