New Bell Schedule

Dear DSA Families,

We are eager for the school year to begin and to the fill the halls with joy and laughter. It is always important to keep student, staff, parents and community at the forefront of our decisions. In the last week we have been reviewing staff work schedules. It is of utmost importance that we have adequate campus security coverage during the school day and through intermission of our evening performances during the school week. In planning these work schedules we have made an adjustment to our new bell schedule. We had originally moved the 8th grade- 12th grade lunch to an earlier slot. We strategically made this change to provide those students who go off campus for lunch access to external food providers prior to the community lunch rush. However, this schedule impedes our ability to have adequate campus security in place for DSA scheduled lunches.

We have moved the 8th – 12th grade lunch back to it’s original placement, just prior to the afternoon arts block (periods 7 and 8). A revised schedule is posted on our web site and we encourage you to discard the previous version of the schedule we emailed earlier this month, and mailed in the registration packets. It is also important that you review this schedule and stress the importance with your students of planning their lunch outings so that they are able to leave campus, eat lunch and return to campus within the 45 minutes of allotted time.

Mr. Kohut

bell schedule