DSA Resource Guide

Hello DSA Parents/Guardians:

As we approach the end of the semester and the holidays, we want to reach out with resources and information about how to support your student during this time. As an SSC (Student Support Center) staff, we are noticing that students are feeling more stressed and some are reaching a concerning level. Here is a list of concerning signs to be weary of:
Withdrawal/isolation uncharacteristic of your student
Student’s reporting insomnia
Student’s reporting not eating/or chronically feeling nauseous
Appearing unusually agitated or irritable
Marked change in overall affect, behavior or energy levels
Markedly diminished interest/motivation in activities/tasks
Excessive anxiety or worry
Expressing hopelessness
Mentioning suicide or suicidal thoughts
For non-emergencies: If you are significantly concerned about your student, please refer them to the SSC using this link.

Please remind your student to utilize Safe2Tell to report concerns anonymously if needed: https://safe2tell.org/

In addition, please find our Resource Guide with outside providers and community resources: Denver School of the Arts Resource Guide

Take good care,

Ally Shaw, Psychologist 720-424-1784
Erica Salazar, Social Worker 720-424-1834