Shrek update

DSA Community,

Tonight mark the second weekend of our All-School Production of “Shrek- the Musical”. Tickets are going really fast and we don’t want any community members coming to a performance that is sold out. Here is an update on tickets available:

Thursday- September 20th– 26 seats remain
Friday- September 21st– performance is sold out
Sunday- September 23rd– performance is sold out

Please note this important policy for this show:

Latecomers with seats in the Orchestra or Mezzanine will not be able to access their assigned seats after the performance starts. Because the cast will be using the aisles for dancing sequences and entrances/exits, no one will be able to stand in the aisles or use the entrances after the show starts. You will be seated in the balcony until intermission at which time you can take your assigned seats downstairs. SO PLEASE BE PROMPT!!

Enjoy your weekend!
The DSA Administration