Monday, February 11 update

DSA Community

Thank you for your patience today as we made our way through the first day of the strike.

For your information, we had 52 of 54 of our DSA DCTA members on the picket line today. This understandably created a challenge for us in the building.

Our plan each morning, as it was today, is to have students meet in our performance spaces via grade level. After taking roll, we will then break students up, by grade level, into smaller classrooms with certified staff.

Similar to today, DPS has created lesson plans that will be available for students to access.

We will have one certified staff member and one or more support members in each classroom/performance space.

Similar to today, CCD and CU Succeed classes will go on as normal. We have yet to determine their room location for tomorrow. Please look for signs when you come into the building on Tuesday.

As a reminder, if you select to keep your student home for the duration of the strike, please call the DSA Attendance line to excuse your student.

We appreciate your support during this tough week in DPS.

Thank you,
The DSA Administration