SAT/PSAT10 Preadministration Session

10th and 11th Grade parents and students

As you know, DSA students will be taking the PSAT 10 and SAT on Tuesday, April 9th. In preparation for testing day, all students will participate in a preadministration session on April 1, 2 or 3. The preadministration session allows students to complete the following activities directly on their answer sheet, saving time on test day:

1) Fill out personal information fields on the answer sheet (Name, SASID, and DOB)
2) Complete the PSAT 10 and SAT questionnaire. For these exams, students may opt into Student Search Service. For SAT, students can select up to four colleges or scholarship programs to send their SAT scores. Student consent is required to participate in the optional questionnaire portion of PSAT10 and SAT. Consent forms will be given to students on the day they do their preadministration.

SAT:PSAT 10 Consent Form