Support Our Students Fund

DSAFF is here for you! Families dealing with financial hardship are encouraged to apply for the Support Our Students Fund. The DSA Friends Foundation underwrites the Support Our Students Fund (“SOS Fund”) as a way to promote inclusiveness and equity at DSA by providing financial resources to families facing economic need. Funding is meant to “fill in” for costs that are otherwise borne by families at DSA. Examples of support are private lessons, equipment/supplies for their major (instrument rental, performance attire, etc.), academic supplies (AP books and/or fees for AP or CU Succeed classes), and academic prep courses (SAT or ACT) or tutoring.

The Support Our Students application is available in English and Spanish and should be submitted electronically. DSAFF staff can work with families who need to provide a hard copy of the application; please contact us at Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM Sunday, October 18, 2020.

Click on the links below to download the application:
Support Our Students Fund Application – English
Support Our Students Fund Application – Spanish