Prebubble for the SAT


As stated in the October 12th email, there will be no pre-bubble for the SAT on October 19th as originally planned.

Instead, the pre-bubble will be on test day – Tuesday, October 27th.

This pre-bubble can take up to an hour – student dependent – but the entire test room must move through the questions at the same time.  Some of the proctor directions which need to be read are quite extensive.  In order to help you know what to expect, attached below are the questions you will be asked to answer.

Student report time:  7:30 am

More directions about SAT will come soon.  For now, make sure you are at DSA by 7:30 am on Tuesday, October 27, 2020 and please, please, EAT A GOOD, PROTEIN-FILLED BREAKFAST.

Preadministration Questions for the SAT