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2023-2024 Orchestra Families Association (OFA)
Travel Committee — Heather Ottele, Monica Hanulik, Wendy Berhman, Linda Beardsley, Kevin Cuthbert
Fundraising — Tracy Claxton, Heather Ottele, Shanli Tse
Community Outreach — Tracy Claxton
Newsletter — Laura Olson
Program Advertising — Laura Olson
Orchestra Closet — Elaine Walsh
Website — Paola Cesarini, Richard Strasser
Concert Concessions — Tracy Claxton, Jenn Stewart
DSAO Merchandise — Shanli Tse

Other OFA Volunteers We Still Need:

  1. President:  The president of the OFA keeps an eye on all the activities and events taking place, making sure that every event is covered, staffed, and ready to go.  Mostly, the president acts as an overseer, stepping in whenever help is needed and rallying families and volunteers to step up and offer their assistance.
  2. Concert Ushers: We generally have 2-3 ushers per concert checking tickets, passing out programs, and assisting anyone who needs help finding or getting to their seat.
  3. Volunteer Coordinator:  The volunteer coordinator keeps a lookout for individuals willing and able to help with activities, but, most importantly, puts together sign-ups when we need volunteers or donations. The volunteer coordinator also monitors the sign-ups before events to ensure we have plenty of volunteers and plenty of food and needed items to keep the various events running smoothly.  When necessary, the volunteer coordinator has actively drummed up more help or items when necessary. Much of this vital role can mostly be done from the comfort of your computer!
  4. Preview Morning Coordinator:  The preview morning coordinator works with DSA admin to ensure we have enough volunteers at school on preview mornings to show prospective students and parents around and introduce them to the orchestra program.  This is a very fun opportunity to give tours and talk about our great orchestra program with prospective students and families.  There are generally 2-4 preview mornings each year.  The obligation generally falls during the school day when DSA invites prospective families to tour the building.
  5. Potluck/Social Events Coordinator:  In the past, we’ve had potlucks or pizza dinners before concerts. They were fun, relaxing opportunities for families to take a breather before a concert. The students also enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with friends before concerts. 
  6. End-of-Year Banquet: The end-of-the year banquet entails less work than other events, because the graduating seniors generally plan this gathering.  However, they still need guidance and help organizing the event.

Additional Information:


King Soopers/City Market Community Rewards Program
If you have a King Soopers/City Market loyalty discount card, you can raise money for the Orchestra department every time you shop. Simply:

  1. Go to or and login to your account. Note: If you have a loyalty card, but don’t have an online account, you will need to create one by going to the website, entering your card number and providing basic information and a valid email address.
  2. Click Community Rewards.
  3. Search for “Denver School of the Arts – Orchestra” either by name or input the code WQ755 and click Enroll. 

The next time you shop, be sure to swipe your loyalty card (or enter the phone number registered to your card) at checkout so that DSAO can start earning money. Ask friends/family members to select DSAO as their King Soopers/City Market community rewards recipient too!

Note: If you do NOT have a King Soopers/City Market loyalty card, be sure to pick one up at your store’s customer service desk.

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