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DSAO Orchestra Families’ Volunteer Positions and Opportunities

  1. President:  The president of the orchestra families association keeps an eye on all the activities and events taking place, making sure that every event is covered, staffed, and ready to go.  Mostly, the president acts as an overseer, stepping in whenever help is needed and rallying families and volunteers to step up and offer their assistance.  Alenka Han has served in this role for several years, but her younger son is a junior and will be graduating next year.  Because this is a demanding job and because senior year is incredibly busy, she is hoping a parent will volunteer to shadow her for the remainder of this year with the goal of taking over the position next year.
  2. Volunteer Coordinator:  The volunteer coordinator keeps a lookout for individuals willing and able to help with activities, but, most importantly, puts together sign-ups when we need volunteers or donations.   The volunteer coordinator also monitors the sign-ups before events to ensure we have plenty of volunteers and plenty of food and needed items to keep the various events running smoothly.  When necessary, the volunteer coordinator has actively drummed up more help or items when necessary.  Melinda Kunzler fulfilled this role in past years, but her daughter graduated in 2019.  Much of this vital role can mostly be done from the comfort of your computer!
  3. Fundraising Coordinator:  The auction and King Soopers re-loadable cards bring in some much-needed funds to defray the costs of our trips.   But our funds are depleted after several big trips in years past and the past 2 years of inactivity.   Suggested fundraisers have included restaurant events, candy or other item sales, or enlisting our musicians to form quartets to play at events.   We need one (or more) parent’s vision to spear-head efforts in this area. 
  4. Ushers: Jane Reed and Stephanie Fowler currently run the ushering show.  We generally have 2-3 ushers per concert checking tickets, passing out programs, and assisting anyone who needs help finding or getting to their seat.  But they both have busy lives and cannot usher every concert.  Additional volunteers are always needed on concerts days, so please watch for sign-ups and volunteer requests in the newsletter.  In addition, both Jane and Stephanie have sons who will be graduating next year.  Please consider shadowing Jane and Stephanie this year and next with an eye to taking over the role in the 2023-24 school year.  We will need:
    1. Lead Usher-in-Training.
    2. Volunteer Ushers.
  5. Concessions:  During concerts, we run concessions selling snacks and beverages donated by our orchestra families.  The sales bring in some much-needed additional funds.  The concessions coordinator oversees the operation, making sure we have enough snacks and drinks to sell, setting up the tables in the hallway, and keeping track of the cash generated.  We send out a sign-up asking (1) for volunteers to help run the tables and (2) for food & drink donations.  Currently, we have permission to sell concessions but cannot yet allow consumption inside the building.  We will likely hold off re-starting this program until permission is granted to eat inside, which, we hope, will come in the spring.  We will need:
    1. Concessions Coordinator.
    2. Concessions Volunteers.
  6. Travel:  We have taken some incredible trips in the past to Albuquerque, Tampa, and Atlanta for the ASTA orchestra festival competition, to New York City for an orchestra competition held at the Lincoln Center, to Chicago for the Midwest Clinic, to Dallas to perform and play at an amusement park, and to Central Europe to drink in the glorious music birthed there with stops in Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.  We currently do not have any trips planned for this year but we hope that will change soon — if not this spring then next school year.  Bringing a large group of musicians anywhere takes an incredible amount of planning and coordination, however.  To make it all work, 5-6 parents comprise the travel committee to work out the details of orchestra trips.  In addition, 1-2 parents serve as the travel coordinator(s), working to ensure we have transportation, lodging, meals, and a means to transport all of those instruments.  It is an incredibly important job.  Without a coordinator managing behind the scenes, we’d have been stuck in Albuquerque, Baltimore, or NYC!   With no big trips planned this year, this is the perfect year to get a feel for the travel committee without the pressure and work of a big trip.  We will need:
    1. Travel Coordinator(s).
    2. Travel Planners/Committee Members.
    3. Chaperones.
  7. Back-to-School Picnic Coordinator: As with most of our volunteer positions, the mom who shepherded this activity has departed along with her graduate.   We held a mini-picnic/back-to-school get-together this year but returning to a more-organized event in the future would be preferable.  In the past, we have held the picnic at a city park.  With the opening of the south campus (formerly Johnson & Wales) we may be able to move our picnic to those more private quads in the future.  In general, the picnic coordinator has been in charge of rounding up food and drinks, organizing ice breaker games for parents, and facilitating .   Student leaders organize activities for returning and new students.  In the past, we have also used this event as an opportunity to get necessary forms and permission slips signed, notarized, and turned in.
  8. Wombat:  Wombat is our annual team-building event held early in the fall semester.  In the past, the event has been held at Chatfield State Park.   It’s an opportunity for the kids to get to know each other better, run around the park, kayak on the reservoir, and have a day away from their instruments.  But, we need to make sure the kids are fed, engaged, and well-cared-for all day long.   This requires a team of parents coordinating food and games, collecting necessary items, reserving space, and conveying details and pleas for help and donations to parents and students.  As with our other activities, the parents who ran this event in the past have either moved on or are about to.  The students would very much like this tradition to continue, so if you’re interested in picking up where others have left off, or have been involved in the past and are will be available to help out in fall 2022, please let us know!  This is a BIG event and, as the saying goes, many hands make light work.  So, please consider stepping up to help out with this event.  We will need:
    1. Wombat Organizer/Coordinator.
    2. Wombat Volunteers.
  9. Auction: Carol Fennell, the parent of a now-alum, shepherded our annual auction in years past, with help from Heather Hampton, who is the parent of a current senior.  But with Carol already gone and Heather only months away from moving on, we are in need of a new coordinator or coordinators.  This event is not likely to return this year given the COVID restrictions still in place but planning for next year should commence.  The auction is a big job requiring solicitation and organization of donations, advertising, staging the event, coordinating food, and managing sales.  In addition, to coordinators, many volunteers are needed to help with food, set up, solicitation, and event orchestration.   We will need:
    1. Auction Coordinator/Lead.
    2. Auction Volunteers.
  10. End-of-Year Banquet:  The end-of-the year banquet entails less work than other events, because the graduating seniors generally plan this gathering.  However, they still need guidance and help organizing the event.  Several parent helpers are crucial to pull it all off:
    1. Banquet Organizer/Coordinator.
    2. Banquet Volunteers.
  11. Preview Morning Coordinator:  The preview morning coordinator works with DSA admin to ensure we have enough volunteers at school on preview mornings to show prospective students and their parents around and introduce them to the orchestra program.  This is a very fun opportunity to give tours and talk about our great orchestra program with prospective students and families.  There are generally 2-4 preview mornings each year.  The obligation generally falls during the school day when DSA invites prospective families to tour the building.
  12. Potluck/Social Events Coordinator:   This tradition was tabled after the 2017-2018 school year.  In the past, we’ve had potlucks or pizza dinners before concerts.  They were fun, relaxing opportunities for families to take a breather before a concert.  The students also enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with friends before concerts.  It is unlikely we can hold potlucks in the building this year, but if dining/eating in the building returns next year, we may wish to resurrect this tradition next year.  Is anyone interested in spearheading this effort?
  13. Web Master:  All that information we have on the DSAO website does not just magically appear!  It is the work and constant updating of Oza Klanjsek and Zsolt Silberer.   But they have children graduating this year and next, respectively.  Because updating our website is so crucial, we want to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes.   Working with them for the remainder of this year is the ideal way to learn all that needs to be done to keep the website current and accessible.
  14. Newsletter Editor:  Chris and Traci Pink have worked tirelessly sending out reminders and notices that we all rely upon to keep us apprised of DSAO events and goings-on.  It’s a huge but crucial job and Chris and Traci have done an outstanding job.  Sadly, though, their son, Henry will be graduating next year, which means the entire Pink clan will be leaving us.  All of our communications come through the reminders and the newsletter, so this job is of critical importance to keep everyone informed about all the goings on in our orchestra.   Having someone shadow Chris and Traci this year and into next year will ensure that the transition to a new newsletter editor will be as seamless as possible.  Newsletter preparation requires an average of 3 hours per week during the school year, but the process is greatly assisted by years of newsletters that can be used as models.  Some html familiarity is very useful though not necessary.
  15. Concert Program:  Mark Herlinger has put together our concert programs for years.  He’s had a student in DSAO since 2011!!  But his son will be graduating this spring ending Mark’s lengthy tenure.  Ideally, we need a parent or parents to step up immediately and shadow Mark for the remainder of the school year to learn the ropes.  In addition to putting together and printing the program for each concert, Mark has sold advertising which helps defray the cost of printing the program.  We have an immediate need for 1-2 people to help with:
    1. Program Layout Coordinator/Printer.
    2. Advertising Sales Coordinator.

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  2. Click Community Rewards.
  3. Search for “Denver School of the Arts – Orchestra” either by name or input the code WQ755 and click Enroll. 

The next time you shop, be sure to swipe your loyalty card (or enter the phone number registered to your card) at checkout so that DSAO can start earning money. Ask friends/family members to select DSAO as their King Soopers/City Market community rewards recipient too!

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