IC Student and Parent Portal

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To create a Parent Portal account, you can go to myportal.dpsk12.org and click on Create an Account. As a reminder, the person creating the account must be marked as the guardian for a student that is actively enrolled in a DPS school. To set up the Parent Portal account, you must have an active email address, your student’s ID number, and your student’s date of birth that is on file. You can access student ID numbers by searching for it here:  studentidretrieval.dpsk12.org/.

If you already have an active Parent Portal account, but cannot remember your Parent Portal username or password, the myportal.dpsk12.org site provides self-service actions where you can retrieve that information. To retrieve username or password, in the Parent Portal site, under the blue “Log In” button, you can select Forgot Username, or Forgot password (Parent) as needed.