Maia Learning

Maia Learning is accessed through Student Portal

Step 1: Log into Student Portal

Username = student ID, Password = 8 digit birthdate

Step 2: Under See all Apps, click on Maia Learning

Step 3: Students will automatically be logged into their Maia account

Directions: ALL STUDENTS: ICAP Survey 

Need help with Maia Learning?  Reach out to your high school counselor

What is Maia Learning and why is it important to your child’s education?
Individual Academic and Career Plans (ICAP)
Individual Academic and Career Plans (ICAPs) are a part of The Denver Plan. ICAPs meet state legislation requirements and are a graduation requirement for students graduating in 2011 and beyond. Starting in sixth grade and continuing throughout high school, students create and update an ongoing plan which includes counselor-led activities on career interests, goal setting, college opportunities, financial aid, and non-cognitive skills which increase academic success. The district-wide tools for this process include counselor-led lessons and activities and using Maia Learning.

Denver Public Schools has automatically created accounts for all 6-12th grade students on Maia Learning.

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