Student Spotlights

Lily Lemme, 12th Grade, Creative Writing

Lily is a wonderful student who shows up to class every day ready to engage with the material and push her own thinking, which helps create a better classroom environment for everyone. In addition, her creativity and compassion are off-the-charts! …
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Lauree Meiners, 10th Grade, Dance

Lauree is really something special. She’s kind, social, energetic, and honest, which really motivates others around her to rise to her level. Since she is new this year (when we were all returning from the craziness of last year), it …
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Vivienne Khong-Shields, 7th Grade, Theatre

I met Vivienne during lunch the first week of December, when she greeted a friend with a very elegant arabesque, prompting me to ask if she was a dance major. Vivienne is surprisingly not, choosing instead to major in Theatre …
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Tommy Grzych, 9th Grade, Dance

Tommy is a hard worker in school and dance. He is also a very kind person. Tommy is also a very helpful student to me and to others around him. He’s an amazing dancer.
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Staff Spotlights

Whitney Ballantine, 6th Grade Science Teacher

Ms. Ballantine works tirelessly in and out of school to develop high-quality curriculum for her students, in addition to spreading positivity everywhere she goes. One of her students describes her as someone who “is always there for you and never …
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Liz Lockley, Special Education

There is not often a person who hits that fine line of being both a great coworker and a wonderful friend. Liz (Ms. Lockley) is one of those people who I believe truly cares about the success of those around her, either coworker …
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Kimberly Haubelt, Gifted & Talented

Kimberly has worked tirelessly on a number of initiatives to improve school culture and student community-building. Specifically, even in the midst of remote learning, Kimberly has supported the incredibly successful student leadership work in No Place for Hate and the …
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Andrea Wiseman, Math & Instructional Leadership Team

Andrea feels that teaching is a calling for her, which is very inspiring.  What motivates her to keep going when things are tough are the students and their understanding of math. When students have that “ah-ha” moment and understand a math …
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Alumni Spotlights

Sydney Mayes, Class of 2019

Sydney was a constant voice for change throughout her time in DSA. She continues this work at the University of Iowa, where she became editor-in-chief for Lit Ink Mag as a freshman and works to share poetry with the community …
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Justine Lupe (Schomp), Class of 2007

Justine Lupe (Schomp) has been working as a professional actress since graduating from Juilliard in 2011. Justine led the cast in three seasons in Mr Mercedes. She is also a series regular on HBO’s Succession. She is currently filming a …
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