Student / Staff / Alumni Spotlights

Student Spotlights

Trinity Andrews, 11th Grade, Visual Arts

Trinity has a great sense of humor, enjoys good anime, is an amazing artist/animator, and wears a cool hat! In addition, and more seriously, they are an advocate for the voices of queer & disabled individuals, as well as BIPOC. …
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Marni Attieh, 10th Grade, Visual Arts

Marni has always been a strong student and visual artist, but the work she created last year, and over the summer is truly wonderful. Marni is quick to help others and to offer positive feedback and constructive criticism. Marni’s attitude …
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Summer Jones, 12th Grade, Theatre

After asking for a letter of recommendation for college, Summer offered to come have lunch with me so I could get to know her better. In my 10 years of teaching I’ve never had a student want to spend their …
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McCall Phoenix, 12th Grade, Visual Arts

McCall is not only an outstanding artist, but a wonderful human being. After losing my little dog Frida, McCall painted this lovely portrait for me. I was so touched at the sympathy and kindness McCall has to offer to our …
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Samantha Reising, 12th grade, Band

Samantha has created and facilitated several sustaining student leadership initiatives related to bettering DSA’s student culture. Specifically, even before the pandemic began Samantha worked with her peers in Sources of Strength to create and implement a HS-MS Mentorship Campaign. Samantha’s …
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Staff Spotlights

Alumni Spotlights

Justine Lupe (Schomp), Class of 2007

Justine Lupe (Schomp) has been working as a professional actress since graduating from Juilliard in 2011. Justine led the cast in three seasons in Mr Mercedes. She is also a series regular on HBO’s Succession. She is currently filming a …
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